Monday, September 29, 2008

Bush: Right Down There With Nixon

For decades, 26% has been my gold standard for a President who'd lost the support of all but the hard core. This was Nixon's level of support throughout most of the Watergate year of 1974. Everybody in the world knew Nixon was lying and covering up, except for those Americans who clung to a state of denial due to party loyalty.

So when the three most recent polls all have Bush's approval rating at 26-27%, it's a landmark. Here's the polls, dates that they were in the field, and their Bush approval ratings:

USAT/Gallup - Sept 26-27 - 27%
CBS/NYT - Sept 21-24 - 26%
FOX - Sept 22-23 - 26%

Nixonian. In more ways than mere approval ratings.


Anonymous said...

Too many people have no idea how the goverment works and they all like to comment. Forget what party the president is in and look at what party holds the most seats in congress. That will give most educated people an idea of who is messing up this coutry. A lot of very uneducated people thing the prtesident makes the laws. They need a refresher course in how government works.

Anonymous said...

"Irregardless of majority in the house or the Senate, most efforts are now bipartisan anyway. What people are saying is that Pres. Bush is a horrible leader. He has horrified us all with his inarticulate down right stupid speeches for 8 years we have been subjected to by this moron. Irregardless of the policies that blatantly serve the elite oil drinking greedy Republicans that back him. And another fact is that both he and Cheney are now scandalously rich. So where did they get that money with the salaries we pay them? He gave us a false war, ridiculously expensive in lives lost and money down the drain that no one wanted and he let a beautiful American city like New Orleans go right underwater with no bail out. His policies in short STINK! Talk about blatant self interest for his wealthy oil grubbing friends and let our economy sink where everyone has lost their jobs, their homes, their retirement funds. WAKE UP! It doesn't take a great deal of intelligence to smell "conflict of interest" in this administration. We are all sick of it and sick of them!!!!

Anonymous said...

You fail to point out the even at 27 or 28 percent approval rating, Bush's numbers dwarf the approval rating being posted by Congress. This Congress, as it is being led by the Democrats, is perceived to be at least twice as inept as the president. It is hardly surprising that Bush's numbers are down after eight years of media bashing and the constant attacks like those of the previous ignoramus.

low-tech cyclist said...

Anonymous #3 - a CNN poll taken 10 days ago asked the question, "Do you approve or disapprove of the way the Democratic leaders in Congress are handling their job?"

44% approved, and 54% disapproved.

That's way better than Bush.

For what it's worth, Congress as a whole usually gets worse job ratings than both Congressional Dems and Congressional Pubbies. Don't ask me why.