Friday, September 5, 2008

Laughing With Broder, For Once

At about the 1:40 mark. Credit where credit's due, dammit.

Oh yeah: the Russia trip has fallen through, for reasons that will likely remain unclear. Stuff like this happens when you're trying to adopt. So while we're back to where we were two weeks ago - waiting for a referral - we've gotten our packing lists together, gotten our vaccinations, taken care of a number of things that will stand us in good stead when we finally do travel.

Anyway, blogging may return to something like normal for awhile.


Chuck said...

l-t c,

Hang in there -- I have a lot of friends who have gone this route and pitfalls seem to be the norm.

Good luck. In the meantime, extra time for snark at least.

low-tech cyclist said...

Thanks, Chas! That's pretty much our understanding: you never know for sure until it's a done deal.

So, back to waiting (and blogging)...