Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'll Give Up My Car When They Pry My Cold, Dead Hands From the Steering Wheel

Terry Box had one of those sorts of pieces in the Sunday Outlook section. Ain't enough rolleyes in the world.

I think Matt Yglesias said it best:
And, look, fine. If Terry Box wants to drive a gas-guzzling car, he should be free to do so. But what he shouldn’t be free to do is to expect large explicit and implicit subsidies. If we prices carbon emissions correctly, balanced funding between highways and transit, and regulated land use sensibly I bet people would drive a bunch less than they currently do.
Yeppers. We don't want to take your car, Terry. I live in an exurb, myself, and it looks like there's a lot of driving in my future. But it's only reasonable that you and I pay for the extra carbon we pump into the atmosphere, if we choose to keep doing so. It's only fair.

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