Sunday, August 10, 2008

Today's Broder: If Only They Got Along...

Who gives a flip whether Obama and McCain like each other?!

Besides Broder, I mean. Good grief.

Sure, I suppose it would be nice. But it's not particularly important.

What's important is which one has a decent plan to address climate change.

What's important is which one's more likely to lead us in the right direction in Iraq, Afghanistan, and our relations with Iran, Pakistan and Syria, not to mention Russia, China, and North Korea.

What's important is whether Americans want an expanded or a reduced safety net (including moving towards universal health care or not), a government that will be more or less active in protecting the safety of our food, keeping poisons out of our children's toys, and things like that.

What's important is whether Americans want more or fewer protections for workers in their workplaces: a higher minimum wage, card-check unionization, and the like.

But Broder thinks what's important is whether or not Obama and McCain trust each other.

What a doddering, senile old fool he is.

Addendum: Broder also says it's all Obama's fault for not agreeing to McCain's preferred debate format. What a crock.

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