Sunday, August 17, 2008

L'il Debbie: Too Much Obama Coverage!

Deborah Howell:

Democrat Barack Obama has had about a 3 to 1 advantage over Republican John McCain in Post Page 1 stories since Obama became his party's presumptive nominee June 4. Obama has generated a lot of news by being the first African American nominee, and he is less well known than McCain -- and therefore there's more to report on. But the disparity is so wide that it doesn't look good.

In overall political stories from June 4 to Friday, Obama dominated by 142 to 96. Obama has been featured in 35 stories on Page 1; McCain has been featured in 13, with three Page 1 references with photos to stories on inside pages....

Well, how else should it be?

Obama's campaign is, of course, mostly about what Obama would do as President.

But McCain's ads are also all about Obama.

In addition, the Republican Party's website is all about Obama.

So to the extent that the WaPo is covering the race as it actually is, what should their coverage be about?

The McCain and Obama campaigns, and the Democratic and Republican parties all agree: it's about Obama. The WaPo's coverage is reflecting reality.

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