Monday, August 25, 2008

This Wasn't In the WaPo, But...

From the Politico:
"If you're a little bit critical of Barack Obama, you get really a pie of vilification right in the face," Cohen said, adding that his liberal critics "were born too late, because they would have been great Communists."
As Markos said, "Remember, Richard Cohen is supposed to be one of the Washington Post's 'liberals'."


JJ said...

Does he think Paul Krugman would have been a communist? That's laughable.

"I think of Paul Krugman and Harold Meyerson as two of the spiritual godfathers of this kind of politics...[and] as far as I can tell, they have absolutely no interest in socialist thought..."

low-tech cyclist said...

For some reason, what comes to my twisted mind is the ancient Doonesbury comic where B.D. tells Zonker, "You know what marijuana leads to? Communism!!"

JJ said...

I think it might partly be a generational problem. When Joe Klein was debating the liberal blogosphere a while back, he also had some sort of conflation of hippie/socialist/far-liberals as his image of the people he was debating, illustrated by his experience with busing in the early 70's. Kevin Drum had a great post in reply.

It's just not 1972 anymore. Not even close.