Sunday, August 3, 2008

What Sir Charles Said

Since this blog has zero comments to date, I have to assume that I have a similar number of readers.

But if anyone is reading this, I highly recommend following this link over to Cogitamus and reading Sir Charles' knowledgeable and passionate post, The War on the Working Class. It's the sort of post that reminds me of Digby at the top of her game.

Update: Looks like I have readers after all. Welcome, all!


JJ said...

Hey, Low Tech Cyclist! Finally, you have a blog! (The first one I've seen of yours, anyway. Usually you're just the guy who drives by and writes smart comments...)

I added you to my Google Home Page. (Don't let it go to your head tho...)

Chuck said...

l-t c,

Let me see if I can get this down this time. Thanks for the kind words. I love the blog -- very happy to see you in the game.

low-tech cyclist said...

Woohoo - I have readers! It's always more fun writing for real readers than imaginary ones.

Chas - glad you were able to post OK this time.

jj - welcome, and please stick around! And yeah, I'm a smartass - only way to survive, in my family.

JJ said...

I actually meant smart as in intelligent (it's not every commenter who has the honors of appearing in The Shrill One's blog), but I suppose the other sense could apply as well in certain cases...

Jimmy the Saint said...

You don't have a sitemeter link, so we can't check for ourselves if you have any readers. ;-)

low-tech cyclist said...

jimmy - how do I do a sitemeter link? I know approximately zip about the bells-and-whistles side of making a blog.

And if you have (or if anyone else has) any other suggestions about site design, I'm all ears.